Fix School Discipline: How We Can Fix School Discipline Toolkit

This magazine, produced by a major non-profit law organization, outlines the problem with disproportionate use of discipline. While it focuses on California and offers case studies of several California schools and districts, it provides articles and resources that can be useful for many districts on how to identify and address the problem, gives information about the use of restorative practices, and provides multiple examples of how discipline practices are being addressed and changed in multiple schools at the high school, middle school, and elementary level.  It provides resources, links, and examples to guide schools through the process. The resource includes sections on School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports, restorative justice and restorative practice, social and emotional learning, trauma-informed care, racial bias and discrimination, police in schools, leadership, funding, and communication. 

As you engage this resource, we recommend taking time to consider how its guidance relates to your district or school context. It is also important to ask questions about how the recommendations will work to support racial equity in your own context. 

Resource by and Public Council (


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