The critical role of co-creation in implementation practice

The National Implementation Science Network (NIRN) is a leading voice in advancing effective implementation practices. This NIRN blog highlights the key element of co-creation in implementation practice and places this discussion in the context of responding to challenges arising from the global COVID-19 pandemic. The importance of diverse perspectives, addressing power differentials, and creating relationships are explained as vital to ensuring both short and long-term success in addressing complex COVID-related challenges. In addition to the blog, the resource offers a brief video discussion of co-creation and links to research.

While calling for diverse perspectives in co-creative responses to the pandemic, the blog does not center race or specifically discuss racial equity. In creating relationships and seeking diverse perspectives, it is vital to remember that race significantly impacts one’s COVID-19 risk factors. As resource users explicitly seek racial diversity when identifying diverse perspectives, they must remember not to ask any single individual to speak for an entire race. Resource users should also pay special attention to the role of race in addressing power differentials and brokering relationships, including ensuring that diverse participants are afforded voice and decision-making authority.

Resource by National Implementation Science Network: Allison Metz, Sarah Verbiest, Todd Jensen, Amanda Farley


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