Reflecting on Your Summer Learning Plans: A Self-Assessment

This self-assessment offers some questions for educators to consider to ensure that the personal growth and learning they are engaging over the summer (and throughout the year) engages diverse voices and supports growth that pushes educators to examine and explore their own cultures and the cultures of their colleagues, students, and communities. The resource is a starting point and does not offer an exhaustive list of considerations. It includes a discussion of these key questions to ask: 

1) Where or to whom do you go for recommendations on what to read, watch, or listen to? 

2) Is your reading list bringing you diverse perspectives? 

3) Think about the races and nationalities and cultures of your students. Have you included some learning that will help you better understand your students? 

4) What are different types of media that you might be using to gain info, and how might this give you different perspectives? 

5) How might your perceptions of a book or article be influenced by those with whom you discuss it? Do you discuss books with others on a regular basis?



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