Responding to Hate and Bias at School: A Guide for Administrators, Counselors and Teachers

In this comprehensive 47 page guide, Teaching Tolerance outlines considerations for what to do 1) before a crisis occurs, 2) when there is a crisis, 3) and after the “worst is over.”  The guide outlines immediate responses to hate crimes and bias-based incidents and considerations to chart your course. Teaching Tolerance outlines specific challenges for administrators and gives nine key considerations as you chart your course through an incident. This guide includes helpful charts and checklists in the appendix that can help organize and prepare your team before an incident, provide documentation and guidance through an incident, and reflect on how your school or organization will use learnings from the incident to create long term plans. This guide is an essential planning tool for all schools and districts to use BEFORE a bias-based incident occurs, as well as providing guidance throughout.


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