Webinar: Equity-Focused Language to Affirm Dignity

The language we as educators use in conversations with our colleagues, students, and students’ families communicates much more than we might intend. The choices we make in the words and phrases we use can help ensure that we affirm the dignity of everyone in our buildings and districts and convey that we value the strengths and assets each and every person brings to our community of learners. Our word choices can also convey messages that we may not intend. Language that is based in deficit-thinking or impacted by assumptions about others can be subtle. We all use it sometimes; it is part of the water we swim in, but with intentionality and focus on our practice, it is something we can overcome. In our December webinar, we engaged in a conversation about how we can use equity-focused language to affirm the dignity of everyone in our learning communities. We explored asset-based language and practiced identifying deficit-based language and ensuring that we do not inadvertently use it to communicate messages we do not want.

Topics to consider while watching include:

  • What does it mean to use “Equity-Focused Language?”
  • Why is using asset-based language a strategy to dismantle racism?
  • What role does intentional practice play in changing language?

Video and slides

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