Webinar: Supporting Our Staff and Ourselves in Times of Uncertainty

Right now, we as educators, along with the families and communities we serve, face what can seem like overwhelming challenges. As we navigate virtual schooling, the COVID-19 pandemic, and political division across our country, we must find ways to nurture ourselves and our colleagues and staff. In our November webinar, we engaged in a deepened conversation about how we support our staff, colleagues, and ourselves during times of upheaval or uncertainty in our communities. 

Dr. Mary Antón offered resources to help us plan for ways to support ourselves and our staff and colleagues to center and affirm dignity in times of uncertainty. In this webinar, we discussed how we create spaces where we can disagree and have conversations that empower us and affirm the dignity of everyone involved. 

Topics to consider while watching include:

  • How do we open dialogue and support each other to talk about successes and challenges with the changes to school this year — virtual, hybrid, social distancing, personal grief and stress, fear of COVID-19?
  • During times of political division and upheaval, how do we, as professionals in schools and districts, respond? 

In our discussion, we discussed material from the blogs, Do you See Me? Am I Good Enough?  Am I on the Inside or the Outside? and Affirming Dignity in the Time of Elections, by Dr. Mary Antón.  


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