Webinar: Test-Taking Discourse to Advance Racial Equity

In this webinar, West Wind team members, Dr. DeeAnn Grove, Circe Stumbo, and Isaiah McGee, facilitated a conversation about using asset-based test-taking discourse to advance racial equity. Testing matters, but so does how we talk about testing with students of color. As spring testing season approached, this webinar was designed to provide participants ideas for fostering testing environments that empower student agency. Special consideration was given to how asset language can help dismantle the damaging stereotypes that negatively impact the experiences and achievement of students of color on standardized tests.

Topics considered include:

  • In what ways does it matter how educators talk with students of color about standardized tests?
  • How do racial stereotypes impact students of color when taking standardized tests?
  • What might the role of student agency be in creating equitable test-taking experiences?
  • How can we foster an environment of “relaxed concentration” for students of color in ways that support their test-taking experience and achievement?

Video and Slides

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