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April 15, 2021: Navigating Diversity and Inclusion Trainings Amidst Potential Legislative Limitations

The Iowa Legislature is considering sending a bill to the Governor that sets limitations around certain types of Diversity and Inclusion trainings.  Our April webinar will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss this potential legislation and how it may impact K-12 schools and districts.  

We will not know for certain how the law will be administered until we see rulemaking from the executive branch. However, we can discuss what we know about legislative intent at this time, as well as what we know about our own local communities and how the sentiments behind this legislation arose.  

This webinar is not designed to provide legal advice but rather to support education leaders and educators who want to advance equity initiatives in schools.  

Join us April 15, 2021, from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm for a conversation about Navigating Diversity and Inclusion Trainings Amidst Potential Legislative Limitations. This webinar will be followed by a 15 minute Q&A.

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